NHT'17 will be held in an as of yet unspecified room at the 1691 building of the School of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague.

9.00-9.30Arrival, Welcome, and Introduction
9.30-10.30Presentation Session 1
- Lasya Venneti - Clickbaits: Curious hypertexts for news narratives in the digital medium
- Jessica Rubart - Synchronous Collaborative Text Editing in Wikis
- Alexandra Milyakina - Digital Adaptations: Types, Meanings, and Implications for Literary Education
11.00-11.30Panel: "What are the Grand Challenges of Narrative and Hypertext Research?"
11.30-12.30Presentation Session 2
- Ryan Javanshir - The Structure of Transmedia Storytelling: A Case Study of 19 Reinos
- Charlie Hargood - What’s the Story? A Proposed Approach for the Evaluation of Experimental Interactive Narrative.
- Callum Spawforth - Multiplayer Games as a Template for Multiplayer Narratives: A Case Study With Dark Souls
14.00-15.15Unconference Session
15.15-15.30Conclusions and Close