The following works were submitted by authors to the workshop and have been accepted as a part of its proceedings based on peer review.

Alexandra MilyakinaDigital Adaptations: Types, Meanings, and Implications for Literary Education
Lasya Venneti, Aniket AlamClickbaits: Curious hypertexts for news narratives in the digital medium
Charlie Hargood, Ben Artis, Corey StevensWhat’s the Story? A Proposed Approach for the Evaluation of Experimental Interactive Narrative
Ryan Javanshir, Beth Carroll, David E. MillardThe Structure of Transmedia Storytelling: A Case Study of 19 Reinos
Callum Spawforth, David E. MillardMultiplayer Games as a Template for Multiplayer Narratives: A Case Study With Dark Souls
Jessica RubartSynchronous Collaborative Text Editing in Wikis