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Welcome to Narrative and Hypertext 2016

Welcome to the Narrative and Hypertext workshop at Hypertext 2016 in Halifax! This years workshop will be hosted alongside The Future of Computer Annotation workshop in room C150 in the CHEB Building (Collaborative Health Education Building, Summer St, Halifax). Please see the programme for more details of our schedule of events.

Deadline Extension

The workshop deadline has been extended by 1 week. The new deadline for submissions is midnight on 13th of May.

Workshop Description

This workshop aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum to bring together individuals from the humanities and technological communities to share work and discuss state-of-the-art research on narrative from both a technical and aesthetic perspective. It follows on from the very successful narrative workshops at HT2011 (the largest workshop in the conference), HT2012 which kick-started a number of collaborations and subsequent meetings (for example, see the websites strangehypertext.org and fractalnarratives.org), HT2013 where several of these collaborations were consolidated into future research projects, and HT2015 where work that had arisen from the workshop was presented in early form and discussion on the future of the field continued.

This year's workshop will principally build upon these previous successes, and aims to continue to consolidate this community by providing an open interdisciplinary forum of discussion on key issues facing the field.

Narrative is a prevalent form of information common in our entertainment and communications, and key to our understanding of the world and its events. By building better models of narrative along with methods for generation, adaption, and presentation we enable narrative systems to become more effective but also improve our understanding of narrative structures.

There is a growing community of researchers working on narrative systems, hypertext narratives, and machine readable narrative models, for which this workshop seeks to act as a hub to review advances and to discuss what the field might achieve in the coming year.

The hypertext conference has a history of publishing work related to narrative research ranging from explorations of criticism and the creation of digital narrative to authoring hypertext fiction and semantic narrative systems. This workshop aims to support this work by providing an open interdisciplinary forum of discussion on key issues facing the field.

The event is a full day workshop with planned sessions based around presentations of short paper submissions from attendees. As well as the planned sessions we plan to have some serendipitous sessions allowing for free discussion on topics of interest to those attending much like what is seen in 'unconference' events. Topics of interest for these sessions will be polled from the participants during coffee breaks at the beginning of the day and over lunch to allowing for serendipitous sessions late morning and at the end of the day. As well as free discussion these serendipitous sessions might include small relevant presentations and technical demos. This structure is based on the highly successful structure of previous workshops.

Relevant Topics

The workshop seeks to discuss:

  • Models of Narrative
  • Systems for the Presentation of Narratives
  • Adaptive and Personalised Narratives
  • Narrative Analysis
  • Narrative Generation
  • Narrative as a method of Knowledge Capture
  • Social Media as Narrative
  • Narrative as a lens on identity
  • Argumentation and Rhetoric
  • Interactive Fiction
  • Cinematic Hypertext
  • Authorial support systems
  • e-Literature
  • Strange Hypertext
  • Interaction and Narrative
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration on narrative
  • Location Aware Narrative
  • Digital Journalism and Citizen/Collaborative News