The workshop this year will involve talks based on both accepted papers, and invited keynotes - accepted papers will be available on the Proceedings page. Paper presentations will be 10 min with 5 min for questions, keynotes 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions. All times are Local (Rome) Time:

9:30-10:00Welcome and Introductions
10:00-10.30Keynote: Valentina Nisi
10.30-10.45Claus Atzenbeck & Sam Brooker - "Of Spheres and SPORES: Propp's Spheres of Actions and Spatial Hypertext-Based Recommender Systems"
10.45-11.00Sofia Kitromili, Jim Pope, & Charlie Hargood - "The Genarrator Authoring Experience: A UX evaluation approach"
11:30-12.00Keynote: Anders Løvlie
12.00-12.15Nayana Prakash - "Readers, Writers, and Everything in Between"
12.15-12.30Emily Norton - "GIS Software Adaptations of Descriptive Place-Based Narratives: The Urgency of Place Attachment to Disappearing Landscapes"
12.30-12.45Jack Brett & Charlie Hargood - "Authoring Tools for Mixed Reality"
12.45-13.00David Millard - "Loose Canon: Where is the Shared History for Mixed Reality Visit Systems?"
13.00Close and Lunch