Workshop Venue

Workshop day is nearly here! NHT23 will run on Tuesday morning (September 5th 2023). The physical workshop will be hosted at the conference venue: Villino Stroganoff in Via Gregoriana 22, on the other side of the road from the Hertzian Library. If you have registered for virtual attendance you should have been sent/will be sent tomorrow morning a URL for virtual access to the workshops. If you have registered for attendance and have not been sent this URL or are planning to attend and are unsure how to reach us please email both organisers (Charlie Hargood: and David Millard: and we will do our best to help.

Workshop Date Update

As per the new updated Hypertext 23 schedule NHT23 will now be taking place on the morning of Tuesday September 5th 2023.

Workshop Description

This workshop aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum to bring together individuals from the humanities and technological communities to share work and discuss state-of-the-art research on narrative from both a technical and aesthetic perspective. It is part of the longest running workshop series at ACM Hypertext – running since 2011 – and has fostered numerous collaborations which have led to work published in the main conference as well as serving as an important discussion point for important issues facing the community. NHT has also worked hard in recent years to serve as a focus point for the wider narrative and hypertext community and through NHT’s sister workshop AIS at the ICIDS conference. The intention is for this workshop to act as a bridge to increase collaboration between the interactive narrative and hypertext research communities while bringing some of this research back to ACM Hypertext. Last year this resulted in the publication of ‘The Authoring Problem’ an edited volume published by Springer, which was a direct outcome of AIS and NHT.

This year’s workshop aims to continue to consolidate the community by providing an open interdisciplinary forum of discussion on key issues facing the field. The theme for this year is "Mixed Reality Hypertext" and we particular encourage submissions from this area and will be including keynotes from experts in this space. However, as the annual forum for broader research on Hypertext narrative we also welcome submissions that contribute to the wider conversation of our field - including (but not limited to):

  • Models of Narrative
  • Systems for the Presentation of Narratives
  • Adaptive and Personalised Narratives
  • Narrative Analysis
  • Narrative Generation
  • Narrative as a method of Knowledge Capture
  • Social Media as Narrative
  • Narrative as a lens on identity
  • Interactive Fiction
  • Authorial support systems
  • e-Literature
  • Strange Hypertext
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration on narrative
  • Interaction and Narrative
  • Location-based Narratives
  • Narrative in Games
  • Digital Journalism and Citizen/Collaborative News
  • Transmedia
  • Mixed Reality Storytelling
  • The experience of writing Hypertext
  • Extended Reality Hypertext

Researchers and practitioners working with hypertext or narrative will be invited to attend this workshop. Participants will be asked to submit a short (between 2 and 5 pages ACM format) position paper on their current work. Authors of papers selected for presentation will be informed 3 weeks after the submission deadline. All the position papers of participants will be made available on the workshop website initially and later (if possible) through the ACM Digital Library.