This year NHT will be colocated with the HUMAN workshop - these workshops share a great many themes and while they will retain their own paper sessions they will share an unconference and plenary discussion.

8.45-9.00Arrival, Welcome, and Introduction
9.00-10.00HUMAN invited talks
10.30-11.50HUMAN Paper Session
13.30-14.30NHT Paper Session
David E. Millard - The Ideal ReaderBot: Machine Readers and Narrative Analytics
Valentina Nisi - Leveraging Transmedia Storytelling to support awareness about natural and cultural heritage of a peripherical tourist destination island
Charlie Hargood - Novella: A Proposition for Game-Based Storytelling and Shelley’s Heart: Experiences in Designing a Multi-Reader Locative Narrative
14.30-15.30Combined NHT/HUMAN unconference
16.00-17.00Combined NHT/HUMAN concluding plenary discussion and close