The workshop will be in Seminar Room 3, of the Culture and Convention Center. The programme is a combination of presentations by authors who submitted to the workshop and "unconference" sessions for open discussions on issues nominated by attendees facing the narrative and hypertext research community.

09.30-09.40Introduction to the day
09.40-10.00Presentation 1: Maria Teresa Rodriguez - Telling Stories with Data Visualization
10.00-10.30Presentation 2: Federico M. Alconada Verzini - Authoring Tool for Location-Aware Experiences and Combing Location-Aware Applications with in-situ Actors Performances
11.00-11.20Presentation 3: Heather S. Packer - Generating Narratives from Provenance Relationship Chains
11.20-12.30Unconference Session 1
14.00-14.20Presentation 4: Jessica Rubart - Face-to-Face Collaboration Points in Storytelling using Multitouch Tabletop Systems
14.20-14.40Presentation 5: Tom Blount - On the Role of Avatars in Argumentation
14.40-15.00Presentation 6: Ted Goranson - Navigating Annotation Chains in Cinematic Narrative
15.30-15.50Presentation 7: David E. Millard - A Research Framework for Engineering Location-Based Poetics
15.50-16.20Unconference Session 2