Call for Papers

Narrative and Hypertext 2013

Workshop on narrative systems

To be held in conjunction with Hypertext 2013, Paris

This workshop aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum to bring together individuals from the humanities and science communities to share research and discuss state-of-the-art research on narrative from both a technical and aesthetic perspective.

Narrative is a prevalent form of information common in our entertainment, communication, and understanding of the world and its events. By building better models of narrative along with methods for generation, adaption, and presentation we enable narrative systems to become more effective but also improve our understanding of narrative structures.

There is a growing community of researchers working on narrative systems, hypertext narratives, and machine readable narrative models for which this workshop seeks to act as a hub to review advances and events over the previous year as well as, looking forward to what the field can achieve in the coming year.

The co-location of Hypertext with ACM Web Science and ACM CHI offers opportunities to extend this community. Some of the crucial conclusions of the previous years have been focussed on the interdisciplinary difficulty of connecting creatives with technologists, as well as the technical and design challenges in creating methods of interaction with narrative from the perspective of both authors and audience.

These two challenges: narrative in interdisciplinary research, and narrative and interaction, will form the core focus of this year's workshop.

This workshop aims to support this work, including the linking documents (adaptive hypertext and narrative connections) track in the hypertext conference itself, by providing an open interdisciplinary forum of discussion on key issues facing the field. Including (but not limited to):

  • Models of Narrative
  • Systems for the Presentation of Narratives
  • Adaptive and Personalised Narratives
  • Narrative Analysis
  • Narrative Generation
  • Narrative as a method of Knowledge Capture
  • Social Media as Narrative
  • Narrative as a lens on identity
  • Argumentation and Rhetoric
  • Interactive Fiction
  • Cinematic Hypertext
  • Authorial support systems
  • e-Literature
  • Strange Hypertext
  • Interaction and Narrative
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration on narrative


Researchers and practitioners working with hypertext or narrative are invited to attend this workshop. Participants are asked to submit a short (between 2 and 5 pages ACM format) position paper on their current work. Authors of papers selected for presentation will be informed 2 weeks after the submission deadline. All the position papers of participants will be made available on the workshop website.


As with last year the workshop will be split into planned and serendipitous sessions. The planned sessions will comprise of presentations of work from those with selected submitted papers with time for questions and discussion after each.

The serendipitous sessions will depend on the interests of the attendees of the workshop and will function in the style of an unconference. The preceding coffee break to each serendipitous session will allow participants to put forward suggestions for discussion topics, short presentations, or demos. The organisers will then select the most popular activities suggested as the focus for that session.

Submission Details

Papers should be in ACM format, be between 2 and 5 pages long and submitted as a PDF. The papers should be emailed no later than midday GMT 4th February 13th February 2013 to Charlie Hargood at Submitted papers will be refereed and notification of acceptance sent out 2 weeks later. Accepted papers will be included alongside the ACM Hypertext conference proceedings in the ACM Digital Library, and author will have a week to prepare camera ready papers for submission after acceptance.

Important Dates:

  • Papers Due - 4th February 2013 13th February 2013
  • Notification of acceptance - 18th February 2013 27th February 2013
  • Camera ready papers due - 1st March 2013 10th March 2013
  • Workshop - 1st May 2013


you have any questions please feel free to contact the organisers:

Charlie Hargood:

David Millard: