The following works were submitted by authors to the workshop and have been accepted as a part of its proceedings based on peer review. A selection of the authors based on the nature of their work and their reviews have been invited to present or be a part of panels for the workshop itself.

Côme MartinHypertextual Narratives
Mark BernsteinWandering Monsters!
Gregorio Magini, Vanni SantoniArbor Inversa – The SIC Method and the Reverse Engineering of Hypertext
Helen Oliver, Nathan Eng, Marco AurisicchioUsing Bidirectionally Hyperlinked Concept Maps To Analyze Nonlinear Narratives
Simon RowberryLiterary Criticism and Hypertext or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Paranoia?
Neil Benn, Ann MacintoshInvestigating Visual Languages for Argument Mapping
Giuliana DettoriOnline sharing of written narrations to gain awareness of personal beliefs
Michael Jewell, Clare HooperLinking Locations: Storytelling with Pervasive Technology
James Blustein, Ann-Barbara GraffTowards a Politics of Reading: Narrative, Literary Hypertext and Meaning
Faith LawrenceSPARQLing Conversation: Automating The Bechdel-Wallace Test
Rosamund DaviesNarrative Analysis and the Design of Technologies to Support Research
Stacey MasonThe Playerʼs Role
Charlie Hargood, David Millard, Mark WealMeasuring Narrative Cohesion: A Five Variables Approach
David Millard, Charlie Hargood, Mark Weal, Lorraine Warren, Lisa HarrisSocial Media and Emergent Organizational Narratives